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Helping authors share their books in amazing ways, using the power of an author based community.

About Book Promotion Library

Book Promotion Library is a group of authors dedicated to helping each other promote their books.  There is power if numbers and you will soon see the power of this network of authors and how they can help share your book in huge ways.

We also have a wealth of knowledge in book promotion.  For the past ten years we have been promoting books and dealing with changes that come along.  That is what lead us to create this group to make it easy for authors instead of challenge.  

Why You Are Gonna Want To Be a Member

Book Promotion is usually the hardest area for authors.  Joining the Book Promotion Library will give you a group of like minded authors to help you promote your book.  Together we can all benefit from this book promotion. 

Another great reason to join us is that our cost will make other promotions services be vary scared.  Many authors have spend thousands of dollars promoting their books and never get the ROI.  We make it easy to get an ROI on your investment here at Book Promotion Library.


A Big Thanks

Thank you for considering joining the Book Promotion Library.  Not only is this group going to share your book to an amazing audience, a portion of your membership fee goes to fight hungry a charity that I am very passionate about. 

Once you join our network you will be getting lots of "Thank You's" from other authors as together we will form the greatest form of book promotion.

As we grow the Thank You's will keep coming!!!

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